December 30, 2009

Fireworks mark an early start

New Year's Eve is set to go off with a bang in Warwick when the anual Fireworks display begins at 8.00pm on the 31st December. Festivities start early at 5.00pm for families with kids activities including a car jumping castle, laughing clowns, fairy floss, ghost house, merry-go-round, face painting and more. What makes it even easier is you don't have to prepare dinner just take advantage of the canteen provided by the Cowboys Rugby League Club. No need for your family to miss out because the kiddies are asleep before midnight, because at Queens Park, Warwick the Fireworks begin at 8.00 pm.

September 18, 2009

Spring into Rodeo!

Each year at the end of October, Warwick is invaded by the Rodeo crowd and it's been that way for so many years now that Warwick has become synonymous with the word Rodeo. As one of Australia's most famous Rodeos it's not surprising that it is now part of the character and culture of the town. The local community loves to celebrate rodeo time and Warwick Tourism & Events gets on board every year with the Street Parade, Busking Competition, Friday Night Carnival (better known as the Friday Night Mardi Gras) and a new favourite the Celebrity Horse Race. There's something for everyone at Rodeo time - so get involved and sign up for an activity, competition or as a volunteer.

June 23, 2009

Jumpers & Jazz in July Update

How long?
With only just over three weeks to go, the Jumpers & Jazz in July program is bursting at the seams with exciting workshops, events and shows!
As the air crisps up and the wind chill factor drops dramatically all the associated organisers are getting excited about once again donning thier signature scarves and vibrant hats, coats and gloves.
There is nothing like a Warwick Winter and with only 2hrs to drive for the warmer coast dwellers - why wouldn't you choose a winter weekend?

So check out the 2009 Jumpers and Jazz in July 2009 Program and choose your own quirky winter festival experience.

May 22, 2009

Caught on film....

Catch a peak at what's on offer in our region by watching 'Creek to Coast' this Saturday on Channel 7 at 5pm.

As part of their Caravan Trip you have the opportunity to see some of what the Southern Downs Region has to offer.

A little birdy told me that there should be a few interesting appearances by locals???

Well, time will tell - 5pm Saturday on Channel 7pm. DON'T MISS IT!

May 20, 2009

Jumpers & Jazz in July Update

One of my favourite times of year on the Southern Downs is winter and it's not far away. You wouldn't believe that just two hours from Brisbane the temperature could be so different.
If you venture over cunninghams gap onto the Darling Downs you will find a real winter where you can huddle up next to a fire and read a book or head outdoors with scarf, coat and hat to experience the Jumpers & Jazz in July Festival. Check out awesome art displays, performances, live music and more. The official program is set to be released on the 1st June and the gig guide is really heating up. Don't miss out this year - have a real winter!

May 15, 2009

Spot the competition!

Have you seen an excess of joggers on the streets and in the parks of Warwick recently?

You might think the cooler mornings would keep the fitness freaks confined to the gym...

Well here's a hint - it's only a week until the Pentath-Run.

Each year competition heats up and not just among the professionals - it's also your everyday challenge. With friend against friend, colleague against colleague, challenging each other months in advance to take part in Pentath - 5 races in 2 days!

The catch - they forget to train??? In some cases forget to race!! oops! Certainly not the professionals. But yes some individuals thinks it's a fine idea (never having seen the inside of a gym) to challenge a friend or their boss to race. I'm certainly not advising anyone to take part in anything dangerous! But if you're reasonably fit, even if its a social walk with your friends - Join in the fun of the Pentath-Run!

May 7, 2009

Prayer for Peace

The banks of the Condamine River in Queens Park Warwick, set the scene for a peaceful gathering on Saturday 2nd May. It was Peace in the Park, the last Saturday in the Peace Festival's program.

As the poetry ended, I munched away on mini pancakes and sipped on a perfect coffee (by La Gourmet Coffee Cart Chef). The crisp Autumn air, the warm sun and the beatiful condamine river - set the scene for peace. Next up was a sneak peak at the Mandala the Tibetan Monks from the Tashi Lhunpo Monastery were working on. Then a meander through the markets clustered along the riverbank - searching for treasures and exploring the wide range of environmental education displays.

The entertainment kicked off with an early start with a line up for the whole day!!

This mini-festival was just one aspect of the 'Peace Festival' that enveloped Warwick for 12 days.
The next Peace Wave should engulf Warwick in 2011 - we can't wait!

April 30, 2009

Chocolate on the brain....

A great big thankyou goes out to all those who supported the Warwick Easter Fair.

With great Market Stalls and activities, visitors had the chance to stock up on goodies and fresh supplies for Easter, while kids had the chance to make awesome candles, get their face painted, join in the Easter Coloring competition and really go mad in the Easter Egg hunt.

The Easter Egg hunt was great success with 'Bugs' the Easter Bunny truly happy with the result. When asked on his opinion he promptly signed his signature high-five (which apparently means "awesome" in bugs language) and did a little jig.

All the team at Warwick Tourism & Events is looking forward to next year's Easter Fair!!

January 26, 2009

When the whistle sounds...

I woke up hours earlier than usual on Saturday morning. Tired and bleary eyed I stumbled for the espresso machine. I could hardly function. These however, were mere physical ailments, underneath I was brimming with excitement.

Today was the day... the day the 'Downs Dasher' would take to the track.

At the Warwick Train Station early, this little blogger was there to greet the first passenger. At least an hour early, she shared her memories of the trains of old as we waited in the shadow of the station's impressive entrance for passengers to descend. And descend they did, approaching across the car park like explorers across a vast desert, eager eyes fixed on the station. As I ticked off names and handed over tickets the passengers peeped past me, impatient to head onto the platform.

Not only passengers but onlookers, photographers and excited children were all eager enough to be earlier than the train! The train was full and the whistle was soon to sound and there was still plenty on the platform to wave them off.

As the whistle sounded the same excitement as your team winning at a football match or the last 100m of the Melbourne Cup seemed to be alive on the platform ... there certainly is something about steam trains.

Travelling by rail is an experience, you suddenly see the country differently, views hidden from the road are extended and romanticized when accompanied by the smell of soot and the sound of the whistle.

The day really was one for the books - what with the sweltering heat and plenty of potential hiccups to upset the coal cart, the day ended for me finally riding the 'Downs Dasher' home from Hendon, hot, tired but happy the day had been a success and wondering how it had ended so soon.

Thanks to the many Steam Train buffs from across the country and all their fabulous feedback, my 'Downs Dasher' experience proved to be much more than a ticket to ride!

Here's to a long and fruitful career for the 'Downs Dasher'.

January 16, 2009

From one festive season to another...

Easter eggs, hot cross buns and easter bunnies - the unmistakable signs that Easter is on its way.

With Christmas barely over, long summer days and the school holidays still in full swing, Easter would barely register on most people's horizons. It's amazing though (and even helpful for those who shop 3 months in advance) - easter produce is now available in stores. Yep, there was even a rumour that easter eggs hit shelves Boxing Day!

Whatever the facts, those at the Warwick Tourism & Events office are not dreaming of chocolate bunnies - they've got an entirely different food group in mind for Easter.

Locally produced food and drink products are the basis for the first ever Warwick Easter Fair. A day for the whole family featuring; arts, crafts, food and wine stalls, kids activities, music and even a celebrity chef (no not Gordon Ramsay - he's busy!).

The day is all about community spirit, the outdoors, fun and celebrating locally produced foods. Education is also on the cards with great opportunities to learn more about what's available locally and more ways for kids to learn fun, healthy eating habits.

The date is set for Saturday 11th April 2009 - 9am until 3pm at Leslie Park, Warwick.

Don't forget, if you're a stallholder and love a good market - then this event is for you!

January 9, 2009

The 'Downs Dasher' Steams into Warwick!

The romance of travelling by the power of steam is back. The Southern Downs Steam Railway has achieved a goal worth hundreds of volunteer hours and years of dedication - a steam train of their own - literally!

Rebuilt by volunteers and ready to run on the track, the 'Downs Dasher' is waiting for the Whistle thats set to sound for it's official first public run on Australia Day weekend 2009.

Families will be able ride on Saturday 24th, Sunday 25th and Monday 26th of January 2009.

To revel in the charm of everything vintage, trips out to the Allora Heritage Weekend on Saturday are planned and visits to historical Pubs in Clifton and Nobby are available on the Sunday and Monday.....Tickets are a must, so if your that way inclined, which let's face it, most of us are... get in quick and book!