May 7, 2009

Prayer for Peace

The banks of the Condamine River in Queens Park Warwick, set the scene for a peaceful gathering on Saturday 2nd May. It was Peace in the Park, the last Saturday in the Peace Festival's program.

As the poetry ended, I munched away on mini pancakes and sipped on a perfect coffee (by La Gourmet Coffee Cart Chef). The crisp Autumn air, the warm sun and the beatiful condamine river - set the scene for peace. Next up was a sneak peak at the Mandala the Tibetan Monks from the Tashi Lhunpo Monastery were working on. Then a meander through the markets clustered along the riverbank - searching for treasures and exploring the wide range of environmental education displays.

The entertainment kicked off with an early start with a line up for the whole day!!

This mini-festival was just one aspect of the 'Peace Festival' that enveloped Warwick for 12 days.
The next Peace Wave should engulf Warwick in 2011 - we can't wait!

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bubbachenille said...

Hi Guys, Nice to have you "following" me, I am interested in what you are doing and I'm sure our paths will cross soon.