May 15, 2009

Spot the competition!

Have you seen an excess of joggers on the streets and in the parks of Warwick recently?

You might think the cooler mornings would keep the fitness freaks confined to the gym...

Well here's a hint - it's only a week until the Pentath-Run.

Each year competition heats up and not just among the professionals - it's also your everyday challenge. With friend against friend, colleague against colleague, challenging each other months in advance to take part in Pentath - 5 races in 2 days!

The catch - they forget to train??? In some cases forget to race!! oops! Certainly not the professionals. But yes some individuals thinks it's a fine idea (never having seen the inside of a gym) to challenge a friend or their boss to race. I'm certainly not advising anyone to take part in anything dangerous! But if you're reasonably fit, even if its a social walk with your friends - Join in the fun of the Pentath-Run!

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